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A portfolio host fellowship is for 2 sessions – 1 paid by the New to Practice Fellowship scheme and 1 paid by the host

The idea is that you get additional CPD outside of your routine practice, you build an area of interest, you network and build a varied portfolio career.
Main areas: Clinical, Leadership, Strategic Oversight, Medical Education or anything else you are interested in.



Please contact the SWL SPIN N2P Fellowship Team if you would like more information and a job description to pursue any of these portfolio opportunities.

New opportunities will be emailed to all current fellows as soon as they are available.

  • St Georges Urgent Treatment Centre

  • KGPC CQC and governance support

  • KGPC IT/digital projects

  • KGPC education centre (KEC)

  • KGPC management, performance and contracts management

  • KGPC clinical specialism clinic



Please contact the SWL SPIN N2P Fellowship Team if you would like discuss any of these portfolio opportunities.

  • SWL ICB Diabetes network

  • St Georges Medical Education

  • SWL Digital Team

  • Training Hubs

  • PG Cert in Healthcare Practice

  • Epsom & St. Helier Rapid Diagnostic Centre

  • SWL CCG Neurosciences network

  • Wandsworth Council Public Health

  • Minor surgery

  • LAS health inequalities

  • SWL long term conditions

  • Digestive/gastro hub at ST. Georges

  • CLCH Hospital at Home

  • St Georges Rapid Diagnostic Centre



Please contact the SWL SPIN N2P Fellowship Team if you would like open up a conversation with any of these potential portfolio hosts.

  • SWL ICB networks: MSK; General Surgery, Ophthalmology, Urology, ENT, Gynaecology, Dermatology, Rheumatology, Respiratory, Gastroenterology.

  • SWL Public Health.

  • SWL PCN Leads.

If you need any help to negotiate a portfolio fellowship with a host or have any host institutions (Hospitals, Charities, Private Companies, Universities etc.) or people that you would like to be put into contact with, please let us know.

Fellowship Hosts: Projects
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