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Season 2

E28 - Learning Disabilities in Primary Care: Bridging the Gap

E27 - Covid - Is it still a thing?

E26 - Caring for Homeless Patients

E25 - Advance Care Planning: Doing it right

E24 - Workforce Transformation in Primary Care

E23 - Advance Care Planning: Why so important?

E22 - Patient Access to Records: What you need to know

E21- Understanding the General Practice Assistant role

E20 - Health Coaching in Primary Care

E19 - Primary Care Nurse Opportunities and Portfolio Working

E18 - TM: Where we waste time, and how to stop that

E17- Fit Notes: The challenges

E16 - TM: Dealing with Difficult Encounters

White Headphones

E15 - Fit Notes: The basics

BONUS: Nurse Fellowship Examples

E14 - TM: Fulfilment in Consultations

E13 - When to Suspect Cancer

E12 - TM: Manage your time better in Primary Care

Season 2 coming!

E11 - Recap of Season 1

E10 - The Fellowship Scheme

E09 - Consultations & the TIME factor p1: Enough?

E08 - Burnout in Educators

E07 - Remote Consultations

E06 - Racial Discrimination in Primary Care - PART 2

E05 - Racial Discrimination in Primary Care - PART 1

E04 - The Power of Language in Consultations

E03 -  Stress & Wellbeing in the Workplace

E02 - Appraisal tips for Primary Care staff

E01 - Lifestyle Medicine & Group Consultations

Trailer: Let's learn together

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