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Links to searchable globally available repositories of free, high quality, open access, peer-reviewed, full-text journal articles.  You do not need any passwords to access this content. 

 Directory of Open Access Journals: contains over 12,000 full text articles in a number of fields including medicine. 

Free Medical Journals:  promotes free access to medical journals by providing a list of the top open access medical journals by impact factor, topic, level of free access availability e.g. immediately, after 1-6 months etc and by title.  Multiple languages available.  Links to search the journal articles are via either PubMed, PubMed Central or the individual journal interface. 

PubMed Central: contains over five million full text biomedical and life sciences articles. 

Webmed Central: a collection of open access biomedical articles. All submitted articles are published immediately and peer review takes place post publication. Searches can be restricted to peer review articles only. 

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