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According to NICE Guidelines falls are 3 x more likely to occur in care homes than at home and can have a significant impact on the lives of patients as well as impacting on care home staff morale. 

Many factors contribute to this heightened risk including physical frailty, physical inactivity, taking multiple medications, mental health and unfamiliar surroundings.

All care homes are recommended by NICE to implement a person-centred process to manage and reduce the risk of falls and fractures. 1 in 3 hip fractures occur within the care home setting, reducing the overall quality of life for patients.

Alongside the heightened risk of this patient population, care homes typically have reduced clinical staff and generally a high turnover of staff impacting on day-to-day decision making.

This project proposal covers the design and delivery of onsite Falls Prevention Training to equip care home staff with knowledge and skills to prevent and reduce falls in the care home setting.

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