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Coach Profiles


Associate Director of Transformation

Originally from Australia, Viccie has a clinical background as a Physiotherapist and has worked in managerial and transformational roles in Provider Services, Commissioning organisations and at NHS England London region. She has over 25 years of experience in the NHS with focus areas of Older People and Frailty, Community Services and Digital Integration. Her current role is as an Associate Director of Transformation focusing on the Ageing Well themes: Enhanced Health in Care Homes, Community Transformation and Pro-active Care; along with End of Life Care across South West London.



Programme Manager Long Term Conditions

I am an improvement specialist with an MA in Change Management and over 30 years experience in the NHS and third sector. My initial degree was in Psychology and I have continued to develop my interest in supporting people to grow and flourish. I use practical approaches and work collaboratively, so that you can clarify your goals and make them happen.

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Primary Care Mental Health Practitioner

I have worked in several positions over the lifetime of my career, and I'm now at the mature stage of life where I am motivated by fulfilling and helping to meet the needs of others and supporting people who have challenges that impact professional or personal life. I have a range of skills and personal experiences that makes me confident in knowing that I can make a difference. I am a psychologist with coaching and mentoring experience, with the expertise needed to help support while going through personal or career transition. I enjoy meeting people from different cultures and backgrounds and understanding their world, giving me the opportunity to share insight into areas that can help them to improve.

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Health and Wellbeing coach

I love coaching as it helps one to bridge the gap between the ideal self and the current self. To be able to be that bridge is my biggest motivation in life. I love being able to work with people's skills and talents and help them cross over to a solution focused mindset. I love to use innovative ways to help tackle problems and create concrete frameworks that help one navigate the change to their best possible self!

Idle to ideal - lets go!

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Health and Wellbeing Coach

Hi, I'm Karise. I am a Health and Wellbeing Coach within primary care. I am passionate about supporting individuals to explore their own processes, have a space to feel heard and feel empowered to make positive and lasting change. I work in a way that is gentle, warm and holding. I endeavour to provide a safe, non-judgmental space for you to talk through the experiences you are facing. I work collaboratively to ensure that you have the choice and autonomy in deciding the content, pace and depth of our work together. Alongside my coaching role, I am a qualified Psychotherapeutic Counsellor working in private practice. I specialise in working with stress, depression and anxiety.

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Health and Wellbeing Coach & Supervisor

I am an experienced coach having worked in the NHS and in other organisations, helping people with challenges ranging from weight loss, overwhelm, low confidence and stress to health conditions such as hypertension, diabetes, anxiety and depression and with career support & development.
I have a passion for helping people feel their best and be the best version of themselves.
I bring an empathetic, kind and non-judgemental energy to coaching sessions, to empower you to make choices that are in alignment with your goal.
My role as a coach is to challenge you to question how you are currently approaching different areas of your life and support you to overcome the barriers that are currently getting in your wa

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Hi, I’m Ali. I’ve worked as a nurse in Acute and Primary Care for 20 years and am now working as a Health, Wellbeing and Lifestyle Coach in the NHS. I work with people who are looking at career progression and / or changes,  implementing health goals and lifestyle outcomes.

Alongside my coaching, I deliver training to care home staff and Unpaid Carers across SWL.

I look forward to working with you to implement the changes you are looking to fulfil.

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I am an experienced GPN with a portfolio role, passionate about seeing other people fulfill their potential. I'm an active, reflective listener, and will support you in your process to achieve your goals.

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Hi, I’m Freb. I am a general practice nurse training in Diploma in Resilience and Wellness Coaching. I am in the process of branching to a new career as a Resilience and Wellness Coach while balancing it with my nursing role. I am passionate about empowering and encouraging people to find their passion and move their career and life forward in the direction that they want.

(Frebeleen is currently unavailable: if you would like to be added to a waiting list, please specify this on your application.)

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I have completed a diploma in transformational coaching and work as a salaried GP. As a coach I specialise, in helping health care professionals gain increased clarity about what they really want. Often when people are feeling stuck or unsure, having the opportunity to think out loud with someone impartial can help them see the wood for the trees. Focusing on strengths, values and next steps can help improve confidence.  My approach is empathic, non-judgmental and based on giving you the space to learn more about yourself.

(Sophie is currently unavailable: if you would like to be added to a waiting list, please specify this on your application.)

Sophie Gottschalk.png


Health and Wellbeing Coach

I'm delighted to introduce myself as a Certified Health and Wellbeing Coach, dedicated to empowering incredible individuals like yourself. My mission is to help you make meaningful and positive changes in your life, whether it's related to your health, emotional wellbeing, or achieving those personal goals that are close to your heart. Together,we'll embark on a journey of growth, support, and encouragement.

(Agnieszka is currently unavailable: if you would like to be added to a waiting list, please specify this on your application.)

Agnieszka Dziedzic Sethi.png


GP Partner and Trainer

I am a GP partner and trainer, and work closely with various clinical colleagues in my practice. I am keen to support colleagues to thrive and achieve their personal and professional goals, whilst finding the right work life balance. 
I have experience in leadership in the NHS, having held posts as CCG Medical Director, and clinical lead roles in both commissioner and provider organisations. I have also navigated a successful return to practice, having taken a few years out to work in a non-medical career. I am keen to share my experience, hopefully to enthuse and advise colleagues in various stages of their career development.

(Tom is currently unavailable: if you would like to be added to a waiting list, please specify this on your application.)

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